World-known Albert Einstein was an idiot – Ghanaian playwright

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Ghanaian playwright turned physicist, Joris Wartenberg, has labelled world-acclaimed physicist, Albert Einstein an idiot for displaying low intellect in the physics field during his tenure years ago.

Describing as low-levelled, the Ghanaian playwright of Osofo Dadzie noted that he has written a book that mathematically disapproves every finding of Albert Einstein.

In an interview with Samuel Atta-Mensah on Citi TV’s Footprints show, Mr. Wartenberg said, “I woke up one morning and I said to myself, what is all this nonsense about Einstein being a great physicist, I think he’s an idiot and I’ve proved it in a book”.

In furtherance of his claim, the Quantum physicist said: “I took up Newton, I modified him, I corrected his mistakes, I took up Einstein, totally disproved everything about him mathematically”.

Defending the outcome of his findings, he bragged that his book is the greatest one ever written in the science world.

Albert Einstein was a German-American physicist who was well-known and celebrated in the 20th century.

Coming up with the theory of relativity which was an update of another famous scientist, Isaac Newton’s laws of gravity described the dynamics of light has been one of the pillars of modern physics.

The Nobel Prize winner Einstein was also a quantum mechanics, which focuses on the subatomic realm.


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