Go Into Politics — Akon Advises Ghanaian Musicians

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Senegalese singer of American descent Akon who is in the country for the Year of Return has advised Ghanaian artists to venture into politics.

According to him, there are a lot of things that these artists can do to change the facet of life for the masses but are limited unless they go into politics.

He added that he thought politics wasn’t for everyone and that he told himself he was never going to do politics but however, the more he got involved in politics, talking to other presidents, the more he realized how people like him is needed in politics.

“A lot of things we want to change, a lot of things we want to happen differently, but it can’t happen if we are not in there or part of making that change,” he stated.

“You have got to be in the politics, you have got to be in the room when decisions are being made to make a difference, so I realized that. I think my future priority will be politics eventually,” he added.


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