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SCRIPTURE READING: Colossians 2:1-13


There is a new story the Youth Ministry of The Church of Pentecost is sharing all over the world. There was once a mighty tree that looked so gigantic, beautiful, and promising.
One day, however,a mighty wind came down against it, and it collapsed miserably.
Everyone was confused about why such a mighty tree should collapse.
A closer look at the collapsed tree brought out the answer,it did not have deep roots.
The roots of a tree ground the tree firmly in the earth , holding it against a possible fall.
Colossians 2:6-7 tells us that after we have come to know the Lord,there is the need to develop deep roots in Christ Jesus and to be built up.
This means growing a personal relationship with Him through a consistent devotional life, the study of the word of God, fasting and prayers and meditations among others.
By these we know Jesus Christ better, become mature, strengthened, and firmly established in Him,and no lies of the devil ,false teachings, temptations, persecutions, challenges and troubles from the devil would be able to make us fall.
Hallelujah and Glory to God!
Developing deep roots in Christ is a personal responsibility. It calls for making time. It begins with a determination to walk intimately with Jesus Christ, and then drawing a personal timetable to grow your spiritual life on a daily basis.
A Spiritual timetable leads to success just as an academic timetable helps us excel academically.
There are nations to possess for the Lord Jesus Christ, but we can do that only when we are grounded in Christ and strengthened in Him for combat.
Let’s start our journey of being grounded in Christ right from today if we have not started yet! There is no time to waste!.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, please I want to be grounded in You so I can possess.
Kindly hold my hand for this journey and help me to have a daily consistent walk with You.

Racham and enjoy a KABOWD day

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