I will package North East for NPP – Chairman Nuru

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The North-East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Fuseini Nurudeen says he will deliver all the six parliamentary seats to the NPP in the upcoming 2020 general elections.

According to him, the people of North-East Region are ready to give the NPP a 100% endorsement in the 2020 elections due to the numerous developments in the area.

Currently, both the major political parties the NPP and NDC are sharing the six seats, with the NPP holding the Walewale, Nalerigu/Gambaga and Bunkpurugu seats whiles the NDC holds the Yunyon, Yagaba and Cheripuni seats.

The North-East Region cannot be said to be a traditional stronghold for any of the political parties as any party can win any of the seats depending on the dynamics of the area.

But, the NPP Chairman hinted that, the NPP will make history in the 2020 elections; “The NPP is going to make history in Mamprugu because I am going to package all the seats and make North-East Region a stronghold for the NPP”

The NPP North-East Regional Chairman in his new year message to the press reiterated that, 2020 is a year of peace and prosperity and the people of North-East are happy with the work of the President, Nana Akufo-Addo and his Vice president, Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia.

“This year is a year of action and the President declared this year as a year of roads…we are seeing symptoms of this promise as major roads in the area are been awarded”.

Chairman Nuru said, the year of roads will go concurrent with more social intervention projects.

Mr Nuru added the dynamics of politics in the region has changed; “The people of North-East are happy with the good works of the NPP… members of the party has won almost all the electoral areas in the just ended District assembly’s elections “.

The North-East Regional Chairman also hinted that, the creation of the North-East Region is a huge plus to the party, saying the Pwalugu Dam project which is the biggest investment project in the history of the Northern region.

“This is a huge opportunity for the people of the North-East Region…. the project will create jobs for the our people and we will ensure that our people benefit from this project. Again there is going to be a regional administration that will bring a multifaceted development to the region. Departments and government institutions are going to establish and this will create massive employment for our people” he stated.

He added that, a Regional Education office will be built in Walewale, Regional Agric Office in Yagaba, Regional Health office in Gambaga, Regional Urban Roads office in Bunkpurugu and the Regional Administration in Nalerigu.

“Subsequently, Cheripuni is going to get its share which is even more beneficial”.

Chairman Nuru said the North-East Region is made up of several tribes who are peacefully living together, “Every community and tribe is getting its share of the national, we don’t do tribalism and we don’t fight among each other. The region is made up of the Kusasis, the Mamprusi, the Konkombas, the Anafos, the Moshie, the Bimobas and we all want development”.

The NPP North-East Chairman urged the youth of the party to focus and channel their energies towards the party’s agenda to deliver all the seats to the NPP come 7 December 2020.

Chairman Nuru thanked the Chiefs and people of the North-East region for their support for the NPP government to deliver . “We cannot thank our Chiefs, Mallams, Pastors, opinion leaders and the youth of North-East region for the prayers and support all these years…. they should continue supporting us because they still need four more years to do more”.

Source: Hamza Lansah Lolly

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