Murdered judges, generals and others also need redress – UEW lecturer to Rawlings

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Former President Jerry John Rawlings has been reminded that the three High Court Judges, the Generals and other prominent persons who were murdered under his watch as military ruler also need redress if he is seeking same for the University of Education, Winneba (UEW).

A Director of Basic Schools at UEW and a protégé of the current Vice-Chancellor Reverend Father Prof Anthony Afful-Broni, Alhassan Salifu Bawah lashed out at the former President for seeking equity when his hands are soiled.

In an article in response to Mr Rawlings’ demands for the Vice-Chancellor who is reported to have been indicted in a financial scandal to step aside and allow for investigations during the 31st December celebrations at Winneba, he wondered why he failed to call for same persons murdered under his watch

“A few Ghanaians who were murdered in cold blood under Rawlings’ watch include Generals Afrifa, F. W. K. Akuffo, Odartey Wellington, Acheampong, Utuka, Rear Admiral Joy Amedume, Col. Roger Feli, Major Acquah and the three High Court Judges. The list is endless!!

The above extra-judicial killings, carried out by regimes superintended over by Rawlings, are issues more deserving of redress than the Avoke & Co. dismissals, which are purely legal issues, that the law courts of this country, are more than capable of handling”, he said.

Mr Rawlings at the 38th Anniversary of the 31st December Revolution accused authorities of the University of Visiting Injustice and violation of the rights on some University of Education, Winneba staff by the Abeka led council

“I commend the government for their prompt intervention by laying a roadmap for the peaceful resolution of the matter after I expressed my initial concerns. From the records of EOCO and other state agencies the affected individuals were exonerated as there was no evidence of misconduct established against them. Ironically the current Vice-Chancellor who was indicted in the same report still remains at post.

Notwithstanding the effort of government towards immediate resolution, no significant progress has been made after more than three months. More than 20 dismissed staff at the UEW are going through discontent and pain. I hope this important matter is given the urgency and attention that is required.

I understand there are investigations ongoing regarding the current Vice-Chancellor. It will be appropriate for the Council to request that he steps aside for fairness to prevail as has been the practice with other similar circumstances in the past”, he said.


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