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Admittedly, it is good to recount how the then incumbent NDC party manipulated the 2012 Ghana’s general election; in winning the presidential seat, and the fact that it was full of robbery and bullying . Even though there were more works input from the NPP party, that wasn’t enough to conquer our competitors (NDC).

After the election was opinions from the various zongo communities prompting the NPP government about their misconception of getting abandoned if they gave the power to us. Yes, they were right to some extent. Do you know why? The NDC party obviously manipulated the (Muslims) mind that NPP is for the Southerners and NDC is for Northerners and this deception was able to sway them from voting for the NPP party which they knew well that we were the game changers.

Numerically, the *2012* general elections went well for the NDC party with the population of *5,574,741* with the Percentage of *50.7%* whilst the NPP party had *5,248,898* population with the Percentage of *47.7%* which glaringly was very close.

Where was the Nassara Caucuses during the 2012 general elections ? Did they play their duty well ? What was their response on this poisonous idea that “ NPP is Southerners and NDC is for the Northerners” ?

With recourse with the 2016 general elections, there was a vast difference, which of course was very impressive. After the 8 years for John Dramani Mahama and the NDC party in Office, the zongo communities and Ghana at large became known of the fact that they were hoodwinked into giving out their precious votes to the NDC that ruined their lives. The Nassara caucuses this time did house to house campaign tremendously, making them know that NPP, when it comes to ethnocentrism, it is its biggest abomination.

Mathematically, in the 2016 General Elections, the table got turned and the NPP had total votes of 5,755,758 with the Percentage of 53.7% and the NDC had 4,771,188 total votes with a Percentage of 44.5% , such a vas difference.

I must say, we didn’t come this far to cheaply dish out power to the incompetent opposition; yes, we rest not. 2020 general elections is here again, Nassara Caucuses, what plans are in place? Are we going to do more than ever again? Are we going for boot for boot? House to house? Parliament to parliament? If yes, then we are ready to support you, WE REST NOT TILL THE JOB IS DONE.

*Acknowledgements to:*

Mr. Alfred Ofori Anneyh Fmr. Brong Ahafo Regional Secretary and currently the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, PBC and MR Sulaiman Kusi APPIAH , Fmr Nassara Coordinator, Tano North Constituency– the founders of Nassara Caucuses in Brong and Ahafo. Your legacy will live forever.

Long live Nassara Caucus
Long live NPP
Long live Oman Ghana


_*Good day Me man Ghana*_

By: Hamza Sulaiman


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