Sene East: 850 NDC Members Defect To Npp   

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Eight hundred and fifty members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) at Tozekope electoral area,one of the NDC strong hold in the Sene East constituency of the Bono East region have defected to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).
A leading member of the party at Tozekope and spokesperson for the defectors, Nana Nartey Peter who is also the chief of John Akuraa made this known at a mini rally organized Tozekope to announce their decision.
Mr. Peter Nartey addressing the gathering said residents of the area have been voting for NDC since 1992 but have been neglected by the party in terms of jobs for their youth poor road network inadequate access to portable water and general economic hardship as part of their reasons to defect to the NPP.
He said the neglect of their communities including Tofetofe, Adamando, Agama Akuraa, Awudi, Tozekpe, Kena, Tokpenya, John Akuraa and Tselekope when the NDC was in power was worrying and expressed disgust about the ineptitude of the NDC to the plight though they always vote for them.
According to Peter Nartey, the entire nine communities cannot boast of any good road but continued to vote for the NDC.
The lack of good roads continue to retard economic activities of the areas. ‘In view of these, we have no other option than to defect to NPP which has better economic policies for the area.
The NPP Parliamentary candidate for the area, Nicholas Bitagan, appealed to them to give him the chance to lead them since the NDC has failed them woefully.
He said the constituency needed someone who understood the plight of the people and not people who came to deceive them with material things and abandon them after winning their votes, He hopes with their support he will transform the constituency by changing the socio-economic status of the area.
Ibrahim Udonyi,the constituency chairman, flanked, by the DCE, Mbanyer Kwadwo Abraham, secretary, Kofi Gyimah, Women’s Organizer, Angela Popolampo and some constituency executives received the defectors on behalf of the party and expressed appreciation to them for the bold decision.
According to the Chairman, their decision was an apt one and an
indication that Ghanaians have come to see the look light and are fed up with the NDC lies.
The DCE Mbanyer Kwadwo Abraham reminded the people to be mindful of the NDC machinations since they would come again with money and other material things to induce them to vote for them. “Those monies are stolen tax payers monies take them but vote against them.
He therefore asked them to vote massively for the NPP come 2020 to help transform the economy of the country.
He said Nana Akufo-Addo is a compassionate person who will never inflict pains on them as John Mahama did under the NDC.

Source: Kwabena Manu/Peace FM/Bono East correspondent.

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