Not all so-called pastors are true men of God – Bishop Agyinasare

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Founder of the Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Founder of the Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare has cautioned Christians against allowing some pastors to lay hands on them in the name of healing.

According to Bishop Charles Agyinasare, not all Pastors are men of God as a result of their acts and the strange things they ask gullible Church goers to do.

“Some of you go to Pastors and they ask you to drink their bathing water and do all sorts of things.”

He said such practices have an adverse effect on people who go seeking help from ‘strange’ Pastors

Likening the situation to that of the ranking of soldiers, he said there are levels of authority; not all military men are ranked the same and are not on the same level.

“So there are levels. Even when you come to a place and they said everybody is a general, it starts from a one-star general to a five star.”

“You meet people who are all carrying the title Apostles but there are one-star Apostles and five-star Apostles. You meet people who are Bishops but there is a one-star Bishop and a five-star Bishop.”

Bishop Agyinasare made the statements in a sermon titled ‘Dealing with household enemies’ during his service on the first Sunday in 2020.

In the sermon, the man of God advised the congregation to take their prayer lives seriously in order to face adversities when they come their way

“If you don’t fight and conquer them, your children and generation will come and meet them.”


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