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Mr. Boadi William (CEO, Educate Ghana Summit)

The leadership of Educate Ghana Summit is calling on authorities to pay NIA workers in Ashanti Region, 3 months salaries due them.

This is contained in a press release signed by the CEO of Educate Ghana Summit; Mr. Boadi William.

This comes in the wake of recent allegation of bribery and corruption against NIA in Ashanti Region.

Below is the Press Release intercepted by Daily News Wall


The bribery allegation reports underway in the ongoing Ghana Card registrations in Ashanti Region is the cause of NIA unable to pay their field workers their salary since October till now.

Why won’t the bribery and corruption go on because they need to survive on the field. Refusing to pay your workers their three months salary will surely result in this. And the authorities keep quite on it without questioning them why such a thing is happening.

The people you deploy on the field need to drink, eat, pay for accommodation, and take good care of themselves but because of your negligence and greediness, you refused to pay them expecting them to survive on the field without money.

In September 2019, NIA paid some of their field officials double salary and later sent a message in October 19th 2019 that the money should be reversed but if any official want his/her October salary to be forfeited should not reverse the said double salary.

Due to the message sent, some have acknowledged it and decided not to reverse it because the said month of forfeitment has already gotten to an end.

And up till today, NIA refused to pay such officials saying until they reversed their one month payment before they will give them their three months salary due. Meanwhile the victimised officials are on the field working for you every month.

How on earth, you have employed someone. Which you pay him/her every month and you’re saying until such employer brings back your one month salary before you pay him/her all that is due.

And you expect them to survive on the field without taking bribe. Is not bribe, they call it motivation. Since you cannot see the good work their doing for you to motivate them, the applicants decided to perform your responsibility.

You don’t care about their welfare, their tnt in and out, accommodation and what they eat. And they seat down there saying security personnel will be deployed to persecute the engaged officials.

My question to NIA, who sent the message on 19th October, 2019. What is their understanding of forfeiting October salary?

Why are they still keeping the innocent officials money up till now without paying them? Who pay the field officials? Before they are saying until their one month payment is been reversed to them before they will pay such officials their 3 months salary?
Why won’t they take off their one month salary (October) and pay the officials their November and December?

Screenshot of Text Messages from NIA, intercepted by DailyNews Wall

Ghana is sick and NIA is corrupt. If you can’t pay them, stop using the double salary as care off and keep quiet on the bribery allegations and do their homework.

the UK Accountant should revisit his Bank Reconciliation Statement Notes and make a critical study on it and do the right thing. The field officials are dying, 7 people died in two months leaving their salary behind.

The officials are hungry and angry. Even, when they were receiving their salaries they extorted money, how much more this condition.

I am a concern citizen not a spectator. Ghana first.


Mr. Boadi William
CEO, Educationist and Motivational Speaker.

Educate Ghana Summit…We Educate The Nation

Source: www.dailynewswall.com


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