243 fires recorded in less than two weeks – Fire Service

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The Ghana National Fire Service has cautioned the public on the use of fires, with the onset of the harmattan season.

This is because a spark igniting into a huge fire easily happens in a dry atmosphere with very little moisture.

The Service has recorded 243 fires since December 24, 2019, that’s within just ten days.

Speaking on the Pulse on Joy News, the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana National Fire Service Ellis Robinson Okoe urged the public to ensure grown weeds are clear around their houses.

“We should avoid grown weeds around our houses around this time you realize that the weeds are dry, We need to clear all weeds in our houses. We shouldn’t park our cars near the weeds because when they are dry and the fire is coming from somewhere it can spread and gradually burn your car.”

Mr. Ellis Robinson Okoe further urged the public to be fire-alert in their domestic activities.

“We don’t need to keep flammable liquids in the house like petrol, turpentine and the rest and then a lot of people use gas in the house but we observe that people don’t maintain their regulators. The moment is getting spoilt they put a stone on it, it is very dangerous.”

Source: kasapafmonline.com

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