“Ghanaian Students on government scholarship in the diaspora, left in a state of misery” Alfred Freddy Kotogbor

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Ghanaian students in the diaspora on government scholarship are left in a state of misery

By NDC UK & Ireland youth organiser Alfred Freddy kotogbor.

The youth wing of the NDC UK and Ireland chapter has taken note of the agony Ghanaian students in the diaspora on government scholarship are going through.The students have been left in a state of misery and neglect by president akufo addo and his insensitive NPP government.

The Students are facing deliberate delays in payment of stipends , (living allowances) and fees.
This has left them with no option than to abandon their classes and seek part-time employment to cater for their daily needs and to pay their fees.

Some of the students also confirmed that the selection of qualified students for GETFUND scholarship and other scholarship schemes under the scholarship secretariat has been politicised since the Akufo Addo government took over power in 2017. You will need to show an NPP membership card and have party members to vouch for you, before you can be selected for any of the government scholarships unlike during the NDC government where selection was done on merit and not on partisan bases.

This has resulted in a situation where students who should be given scholarship are refused and preference given to party supporters not based on superior academic ability and merit.

The NDC UK and Ireland youth wing wishes to use this opportunity to reassure Ghanaian students in the diaspora on government scholarship that, their concerns and neglect by the akufo addo government have been heard and taken note of.

Be assured that the youth wing of the NDC UK and Ireland Chapter will work with the appropriate authorities to address your problems when President John Mahama and NDC comes into power 2021.

We will continue to put pressure on the heartless Akufo Addo government to stop wasting state funds on inflated and corrupt contracts for family and friends; and release all monies owned to students on various government scholarships to save them from further distress. This will enable the students focus on their studies so that they can successfully complete their various courses and return to Ghana to help build a better and prosperous country for all Ghanaians.


Alfred Freddy Kotogbor

Youth Organiser

NDC UK and Ireland Chapter

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