Reverend ‘Shall Pass’ sanctifies Nkrumah Circle

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

Founder and Head Pastor of Nima based God of the Fathers Ministry, Reverend Isaac Kwame Peprah otherwise known as “Shall Pass” has embarked on a spiritual exercise at the Kwame Nkrumah Inter Change in Accra.

In the early hours of New Year’s Day, the minister of the gospel anointed some portions of Nkrumah Circle with oil, starting from the Ghana Revenue Authority, through the Obra Spot, VIP Transport Station, Awudome Cemetery, New Times Corporation, Orion Cinema, Fredies Corner and back to the starting point.

He says he acted on a revelation he had about the area some months ago.

In the revelation, the pastor recounted that there was an uprising at the Obra Spot where the Police Service and the Military failed in their attempts to restore order after a demonstration.

He told the media after the exercise “I was inspired by a revelation I had about Circle. It is considered as a spiritual flash point for mayhem, so the leadership of the church decided to wage this battle.

“We are in an elections year and we should not take such revelations for granted. What I saw calls for spiritual vigilance and in case such a thing happens in future, I urge our security forces to beef up in numbers; because I saw them retreating.

“But with this exercise, it has covered the four corners on our land and nothing of such will happen. But it will take holiness and the fear of God to act on what we have done.

“It is not right and enough to make confessions of repentance on New Year’s eve and go back to our old ways few hours or days into the New Year. Let’s shun corrupt practices and make the fear of God a way of life and God will hear and heal our land. It is the will of God that will make Ghana prosperous.”


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