BREAKING NEWS: 2 Coaches Derail from Tarkwa- Tarkoradi rail line

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Confirmed report reaching indicates, the passenger train set to work from Tarkoradi to Tarkwa has accidentally derailed during one of its free passenger test runs from Tarkwa to Tarkoradi.

The incident happened on Thursday afternoon around 3:45pm, few minutes after the train started a return journey to Tarkoradi. 2 of the coaches were left behind as a result of the accident. There has not been any report of injury.

It will be recalled that the GRCL announced its intention to commence commercial train services on the Tarkwa- Tarkoradi rail line on 5th February 2020, this will be preceeded by free train service on 28th, 30th and 31st January 2020.

As at the time of filing this report, authorities are working tirelessly to get the coaches back on track. It is still not clear whether the free train service scheduled for the following day shall materialize.

Speaking to Eyewitness; Samuel Kofi, he said “the whole thing happened within a twinkle of an eye. Those standing around took to their heels and others had to rush to the rescue of passengers on board”.

Authorities have refused to speak on the cause of the accident and the way forward.