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The Chief of Kenyasi Barimah Fredua Agyemang II and the MCE for Kwabre East, Nana Osei Assibey Bonsu have respectively commended Church of Pentecost for the introduction of the Environmental Care Campaign which they also intensify every month.

Kenyasi branch of the Church of Pentecost within the Ashanti holding its prior durbar as part of the Environmental Care Campaign extended its reach, by involving major stakeholders such as Chiefs, Clergies from other churches, imams, teachers, the Kwabre east district environmental team as well as the MCE for the area.
The Church of Pentecost in their quest to eradicate filth and help reduce environmental pollution within the system introduced an environmental care campaign in 2019 by kind courtesy Rev. Eric Kwabena Nyamekye, National Chairman of the Church.
Speaking at a community durbar on the program prior to the clean up exercise and campaign, Chief of Kenyasi, Barimah Fredua Agyemang II, commended the church of Pentecost for such an excellent initiative, and therefore called on other churches, imams etc to follow suit since that could be the best way to reach the people very well.
Expressing disappointment in the increasing rate of environmental pollution, filth, and showing his commitment to help eradicate such insanity, the chief who revealed he had already prioritize creation of such awareness, still cautioned his people not to disobey his orders, else face the wrath of the palace.
He entreated all Ghanaians to make it a duty to help clear the environment from filth since that is the core mandate of every good citizen.
On his part, the Municipal Chief Executive, Nana Osei Asibbey Bonsu also thanked the church for such an initiative that has helped reduced part of the assembly’s too many burdens.
According to him it’s very sad to appear clean on the sight of people in public but be an agent of filth in secret which is against the will of God.
He revealed that the assembly has done its best to make sure the problem is solved within the municipality, and this cost the assembly a lot.
He urged the public to make part of the environmental clean campaign and desist from intentional disposal of refuse which is evil.
Rev. Emmanuel Otu Gyan, minister in charge of the Kenyasi Church of Pentecost speaking to the media touched on the theme; My environment, my responsibility, your responsibility where he advised the general public to make it a share responsibility to make the environment is clean.
He disclosed that the Church aims to make sure most sicknesses and deaths caused by filth within the environment is eradicated. He therefore pleaded with the other stakeholders to always involve themselves in this exercise even though he disclosed this year’s program at Kenyasi had intensified, hence the involvement of many stakeholders.

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