Gifty Anti tests negative again as she announces 2nd test

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

Television broadcaster Oheneyere Gifty Anti has tested negative again after undertaking her second coronavirus (COVID-19) test.

The celebrated on-screen personality has been undertaking tests after returning from the United Kingdom (UK) last month.

Two weeks ago, she announced to the public that her first laboratory test results came out negative.

However, Gifty Anti maintained that she was still taking precaution and will undergo further tests.

Well, she has undertaken her second COVID-19 test and she has once again been declared negative.

In an Instagram post, she said her faith in God has been proven right, adding that she would continue to observe all protocols in order not to contract the virus.

“When I tell you that I am a woman with SUPER CRAZY FAITH IN GOD believe me. Second test is in and it’s NEGATIVE!!! But thank God for wisdom. As the letter states, this does not make me immune to future infection of the virus,” Gifty Anti wrote, while sharing a copy of the result.

“So, I am going to be wise and do the right thing. I WILL FOLLOW THE PROTOCOLS AMD STAY AT HOME. Thank you all for the love.”


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