Covid-19 quarantined; Prophetess who tested negative in quarantine gives a shocking revelation, describes results fake

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

A shocking revelation by Prophetess Dr Stella Twumasi has blown the air waves on how persons who arrived from foreign countries tested and given fake and questionable results during the quarantine period, as both negative and positive tested patients still doubt the professionalism and authenticity of the said doctors and nurses.

According to the minister of God, she journeyed to Holland(Amsterdam) on the 15th March 2020 and returned on the 22nd March due to the pacing spread of the pandemic.

According to her they were 78 passengers who boarded flight from Holland to Ghana, and upon reaching the Kotoko airport, they were sent for quarantine in a hotel where they met some other returnees from U.K, Spain etc.

She further reveals a first test was conducted, and to their utmost surprise, no records bearing names and room numbers took place. The results came and it was the same story, which means the results slips given to each of them bore no name or room number to authenticate their true ownership, yet some of them who were on the same lane blocks of the hotel were declared positive and were taken away by ambulances.

Narrating her ordeal to the Press during a briefing, the outspoken woman of God said the rest, including herself who were said to had been tested negative and were kept at the hotel to continue the quarantine session did not take it lightly but decided to protest against the questionable results, and behold this in turn compelled for a second test on a following Friday after a nurse had explained to them that the first results sheet bore no names due to the fact that they got mixed up.
“Coincidentally and too surprising, all of us who tested negative were also in the same lane of the same block which combines to make their tests outcome very strange and doubting”, she said.

She continues that those who had been sent to special hospital for a positive treatment also received the same mixed up sheets which indicated no true ownership which clearly makes all such results a vain and fake.

She said those who were pronounced positive during the first test were shockingly released to their homes, the reason being that a doctor shockingly descharged them on the same day they were sent to the hospital, with the claim that they had no coronavirus.
This, she said was revealed through video and a confirmation made by one Amsterdam returnee who had been said to tested positive.

She questioned the authenticity of the laboratory test conducted on them because some of them were unable to give their phlegms for a proper test to be conducted during both the first and second tests.

The founder and leader of God’s Light Assemblies Church at Essen Off Atimatim in the Afigya Kwabre South District said, the ministry of health seem to be deceiving the masses on the number of cases recorded on Covid19 daily.

She therefore challenges the Minister of Health Hon Kwaku Agyemang Manu to come out publicly to deny the allegations or explain to Ghanaians their modula operandi.

She further said if indeed the number of cases been recorded are the actual fact, well proven by the Frontline health workers, then she’s ready to heal them from the pandemic.

She was of the view that the Ghanaian populace are been deceived by the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Services hence the need to question the credibility of those laboratory test conducted on them.

“Nana Addo is seriously fighting the pandemic but the health ministry and the Ghana health service are thwarting the president’s efforts”, she said.


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